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PeaceMajority Report, a window on the peace community in America, is an online directory that helps you find the numerous groups that constitute the "community of communities" for peace in the US.

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This is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, educational project. The editor is solely responsible for its contents.

Bill Scheurer, Editor

Bill has degrees in religious studies and law, and has worked as a lay minister, an attorney, and a technology entrepreneur. He is now a writer, publisher, and peace builder, and has also run as a peace candidate for the US Congress.



An editorial advisory board of committed peacebuilders graciously offers guidance to this project.

Mark Johnson

Fellowship of


Executive Director

Kathy Kelly

Voices for Creative Nonviolence,


Susan Shaer

Women's Action

for New Directions,

Executive Director

Arun Gandhi

M.K. Gandhi Institute

For Nonviolence,


Vince Isner


Faithful America,

Emeritus Director

Dave Robinson

Pax Christi


Executive Director

Kevin Martin

Peace Action

Executive Director

Greg Speeter

National Priorities Project,

Executive Director

John Stoner

Every Church

A Peace Church


Medea Benjamin

Code Pink &

Global Exchange


Rabbi Lerner

Tikkun & Network of

Spiritual Progressives


Walter Wink

Noted Christian Theologian

on Nonviolent Resistance

Charles Sheehan-Miles

Veterans for America

Associate Director

Michael McPhearson

Veterans for Peace

Executive Director

Advisory board members do not participate in the publication and have no responsibility for its contents. They are serving as individuals, not as representatives of their organizations.


This is a nonpartisan project. We reach across the political and cultural spectrum -- embracing conservatives and progressives, as well as others of all persuasions -- in support of peace.


Inclusion in this directory is not an endorsement of the views or activities of any listed organization. This directory is for educational purposes only and not for any political or commercial intent.

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We are trying to help build the "community of communities" for peace by helping everyone find their own place for themselves in one or more of the many groups within the larger peace community.


Peace is the key to security. In this interconnected world the only path to security is mutual security. We cannot be truly safe through military means alone. We must also build peaceful relations with others.


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