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Women's Action for New Directions

We empower women to act politically to reduce violence and militarism, and redirect excessive military resources toward unmet human and environmental needs. We oppose nuclear weapons and the Iraq war. Our organization also includes a national nonpartisan network of women state legislators.


Women's International League for Peace and Freedom

Founded in 1915, with Jane Addams of Hull House as its first president. We work to achieve through peaceful means world disarmament, full rights for women, racial and economic justice, and an end to all forms of violence, and to establish those political, social, and psychological conditions which can assure peace, freedom, and justice for all. We envision a transformed world at peace.

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Faithful America

A program of the National Council of Churches, USA, we are people who  believe that one’s faith -- however broadly or uniquely expressed -- has a word to say about our nation’s government and its priorities. We are a progressive, inclusive, and responsive interfaith electronic advocacy community providing a powerful voice to advance the cause of compassion and justice in public policy.


Friends Committee on National Legislation

Founded in 1943 by Quakers, now the largest and oldest ecumenical peace lobby. We work with tens of thousands of people from many different races, religions, and cultures to advocate social and economic justice, peace, and good government. We seek a world free from war and the threat of war.


Methodists United for Peace with Justice

An association of Methodist laity and clergy. We encourage study on the theology of war and peace and practical ways to achieve peace with justice. We oppose nuclear weapons, injustice, and the Iraq war. We engage in public policy advocacy directed toward Congress and the federal executive. Through e-mail, our website, and print action alerts, we provide timely information on legislative issues.


Network: A National Catholic Social Justice Lobby

A progressive voice within the Catholic community that has been influencing Congress for peace and justice for over 30 years. Through lobbying and legislative advocacy, we strive to close the gap between rich and poor, and to dismantle policies rooted in racism, greed, and violence. Membership includes both individuals and organizations, and represents more than 100,000 people.

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Citizens for Global Solutions

We promote closer American cooperation with and support for international institutions capable of responding to the threats and challenges of a new century. Challenges like terrorism, climate change, failed states, and infectious diseases cannot be addressed by any one country alone. We work to build political will in the United States to ensure that our leaders work with our friends and allies.


Council for a Livable World

We provide Congress with sophisticated technical and scientific information that helps them make intelligent decisions about weapons of mass destruction -- nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, nuclear non-proliferation, and other national security issues. We advocate deep reductions and the eventual elimination of these weapons, and finding non-military solutions to international conflict. Civic Action

A nonprofit group engaged in a campaign to reform the media and other work aimed at bringing real people back into the democratic process by making sure legislators hear their voices. In 2002 and 2003, we conducted campaigns to stop the Iraq war and to reduce America’s dependence on oil.


Peace Action

The nation's largest grassroots peace group, for nearly 50 years we have worked for an environment where all are free from violence and war. We are working to promote a new U.S. foreign policy that is based on peaceful support for human rights and democracy, reducing the threat from weapons of mass destruction, cooperation with the world community, and rejection of pre-emptive war.



A grassroots education and advocacy project to increase America's investment in programs that benefit our children (like schools, health care, HeadStart) by cutting Cold War weapons systems and shifting the savings. Just 15% of the Pentagon budget but would make $60 billion available every year.


2020 Vision

We give citizens the information and tools they need to get involved on important issues like reducing air pollution from cars and power plants, keeping dangerous pesticides out of our food, limiting nuclear arms, and making our country more secure from terrorism through peaceful means.


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