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American Public Health Association

We oppose military actions that run counter to promoting and protecting the health and well-being of people and the environment. We believe that war is a public health problem and that the role of health workers in preventing conflict and limiting its destructiveness is critical. Peace building and prevention are beginning to be viewed as important public health objectives.


Physicians for Social Responsibility

We work to prevent nuclear war, and to prevent the rollback of decades of progress by those in the U.S. who wish to: develop new, useable nuclear weapons; and resume nuclear testing and even use these terrible devices on the battlefields of the world. Our opposition to the invasion of Iraq in 2003, and now to the use of military force to disarm Iran, stands witness to our humanitarian mission.


Psychologists for Social Responsibility

We use psychological knowledge and skills to promote peace with social justice at the community, national, and international levels. We work to apply a growing body of knowledge on conflict resolution and violence prevention, and facilitate positive changes for victims and survivors of violence.

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Environmentalists Against War

As organizations and individuals working for the environment and environmental justice, we raised our voices in opposition to the US war on Iraq and domestic attacks on immigrants and our civil liberties. We are continuing to find new ways to save the planet by working for peace and against militarism.


Federation of American Scientists

Formed in 1945 by scientists from the Manhattan Project who felt they had an ethical obligation to bring their knowledge and experience to bear on critical national decisions pertaining to the atomic bomb. We promote humanitarian uses of science and technology, nuclear arms control and global security, conventional arms transfers limitations, and nonproliferation of weapons of mass destruction.


Union of Concerned Scientists

We are working to bring about a safer world by eliminating the risks posed by nuclear arsenals and nuclear terrorism, improving nuclear power plant safety, preventing the deployment of anti-satellite and space-based weapons, and enhancing international dialogue on security issues.

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Business Council for Peace

A group of volunteer business people in the U.S., Canada and Europe who apply their talents, time, and money to help women in war-torn regions build sustainable businesses. When women are stronger economically, they have a stronger voice for peace in their local communities and societies.


Business Leaders for Sensible Priorities

We work to increase funding to meet the needs of our children and children around the world (at no additional taxpayer expense) by reducing money spent for Cold War weapons systems no longer needed to protect America. We use professional marketing activities -- including advertising, public relations, placing op-eds, and face-to-face meetings with members of Congress and their staffs.


Economists for Peace and Security

A UN-registered NGO network of affiliates, we work locally, regionally and internationally to reduce the military burden, and to effect policy changes that can build a more just and peaceful future. We work to inform social scientists, citizens, journalists and policy-makers worldwide about the full costs of war and conflict, and to propose feasible alternative approaches to building international security.


Lawyers Committee on Nuclear Policy

We use national and international law to promote peace and disarmament. We have been a vital link between policy makers, legal scholars and activists. We provide legal information and analysis to policy makers, diplomats, activists, and the media on disarmament and international law.


U.S. Labor Against the War

To protect our members and the lives and livelihoods of working people everywhere, we advocate, educate and mobilize in theU.S. labor movement for:  a just foreign policy;  an end to U.S. occupation of foreign countries;  redirecting the nation's resources from inflated military spending;  supporting our troops and their families by bringing the troops home now;  and protecting workers and civil rights.

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Educators to Stop the War

We work to build a powerful presence -- in our schools, our unions, our pedagogy and curriculum, and in the larger antiwar movement -- to bring the war and the antiwar movement into the classroom, and to build a movement against military recruitment in our schools, colleges, and universitites.


Historians Against the War

As historians, teachers, and scholars, we oppose the expansion of U.S empire and the doctrine of pre-emptive war that have led to the occupation of Iraq. We deplore the secrecy, deception, and distortion of history involved in the administration's conduct of a war that violates international law, intensifies attacks on civil liberties, and reaches for domination of the Middle East and its resources.


Peace and Justice Studies Association

A professional association, we work to create a just and peaceful world through: promoting peace and conflict studies in universities, colleges, and K-12 grade levels; forging alliances among educators, students, activists, and other peace practitioners; and creating and nurturing alternatives to structures of inequality and injustice, war and violence through education, research and action.


Poets Against the War

We continue the tradition of socially engaged poetry by creating venues for poetry as a voice against war, tyranny and oppression. We bring you information about relevant community and literary events, and essays about the role and purpose of socially engaged and political poetry.


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