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Campus Antiwar Network

The largest and leading independent, democratic, grassroots network of students opposing the occupation of Iraq and military recruiters in our schools at campuses all over the country. Since our formation before the Iraq war began, our unapologetic opposition to the U.S. project of conquest and plunder in the Middle East, along with its horrible consequences at home, has been unwavering.


National Youth & Student Peace Coalition

Formed shortly after the 9/11 tragedy, to organize and mobilize the youth and student response to the open-ended, so-called "war on terror." We have worked to build strategic, long-term opposition of youth and students to the war, both at home and abroad. We believe that young people have an important role to play in taking back our democracy -- on our campuses, in the streets, and at the ballot box.

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Student Peace Action

A grassroots affiliate of Peace Action, working from campuses across the U.S., we organize for an end to the physical, social and economic violence caused by militarism. We campaign for nuclear abolition, disarmament, and an end to weapons trafficking. We oppose complex webs of power that perpetuate racism, damage the environment, deprive people of basic needs, and violate human rights.


Student Pugwash

Student affiliate of  the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs. We add a dimension to scientific study that goes beyond formulas and figures. Examining all sides of an issue, we increase students' ability to think independently about the issues that affect society -- issues that range from international conflict to environmental protection, from genetics research to civil rights.


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