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Families of the Fallen for Change

We oppose the war in Iraq. Our members constitute a cross-section of America. We are Republicans and Democrats. We come from Red States and Blue States. We are men and women. We are elderly, middle age, and young. We come from professions, business, and labor. Some have lost relatives.


Gold Star Families for Peace

Families of soldiers who have died as a result of war (primarily, but not limited to Iraq). Organizing to be a positive force in our world to bring our country’s sons and daughters home from Iraq, to minimize the “human cost” of this war, and to prevent other families from the pain we are feeling as the result of our losses. Also hoping to be lifetime support for each other through our losses.


Military Families Speak Out

People opposed to the war in Iraq who have relatives or loved ones in the military. Our membership currently includes over 3,000 military families, with new families joining daily.

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Iraq Veterans Against the War

Iraq war veterans and active duty service people who are against this war, but are under various pressures to remain silent. Members are in 32 states, Washington, D.C., Canada, and on numerous bases overseas, including Iraq. IVAW members educate the public about the realities of the Iraq war by speaking in communities and to the media about their experiences.


Service Academy Graduates Against the War

When we took our commissioning oath of office one past graduation day, we swore to protect our nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic. The deceitful connivances of the current administration have resulted in a war catastrophic to our nation's interests: politically, economically, militarily, and morally. We now stand to protect our nation from these deceivers. We seek justice for all victims of this illegal war, both servicemen and servicewomen, and the citizens of Iraq.


Veterans Against the Iraq War

Veterans who support our troops but oppose war with Iraq or any other nation that does not pose a clear and present danger to our people and nation. We believe that a doctrine of pre-emptive and unilateral U.S. military attack on any nation is illegal, unnecessary, counter-productive, and presents a truly dire and distressing threat to our vital international interests and basic national security.


Veterans for America

Uniting a new generation of veterans with those from past wars to address the causes, conduct, and consequences of war. VFA is deeply concerned about the mounting human and political costs of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the contemplated further expansion of the “global war on terror.” We also will continue to advocate for the often-forgotten civilian victims of war.


Veterans for Peace

A national organization of veterans of all eras and duty stations with members across the country. We draw on our personal experiences and perspectives gained as veterans to raise public awareness of the true costs and consequences of militarism and war -- and to seek peaceful, effective alternatives. Veterans For Peace is an official Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) represented at the UN.


Vietnam Veterans Against the War

A national organization of veterans that fights for peace and justice. Most of our members are veterans of the Vietnam era, but we welcome veterans of all eras, as well as family members and friends to our ranks. We will continue to oppose senseless military adventures and to teach the real lessons of the Vietnam War. We will do all we can to prevent another generation from being put through a similar tragedy, and we will continue to demand dignity and respect for veterans of all eras.

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Courage to Resist

A group of concerned community members, veterans, and military families that supports military objectors to illegal war and occupation and the policies of empire. Our people power strategy weakens one of the pillars that maintain war and occupation in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere by supporting GI resistance, counter-recruitment and draft resistance, which cuts off the supply of troops.

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